Pink pepper come from two trees called the Baies Rose Plant and the Peruvian Pepper tree. These trees grow in South America and are not related to the black pepper from Southeast Asia. The pink peppercorn shrubs were introduced into Florida in the 19th century as decorative plants and have thrived there ever since; so much so that they were later labeled as invasive species and banned. These plants now grow wild in California and Texas as well. In addition, they have been exported to North Africa and to the Mediterranean region. In Brazil, pink peppercorns were officially deemed a product for trade in 1992. The plants grow wild in Brazil’s coastal regions.

Common uses of pink pepper

The pink peppercorn spice can be used as a substitute for regular black pepper; it can also be added to black pepper to enhance the look of a dish. Pink peppercorns are used mainly because of their appearance. They stand out in light cream sauces and seafood dishes. They are also popular for use in vinaigrettes and other salad dressings. Craft beer makers use them as a flavoring additive for beer, which is how the Incas used them.

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