De hydrated Green Pepper

Pepper in different forms are exported. This is a product prepared from freshly harvested tender pepper with controlled scientific conditions. Used as whole or ground for all the dishes, delicious salads, etc

Dehydrated Green Pepper is a premium quality pepper, processed out of farm fresh green pepper berries into dried form, by air drying, retaining its green colour and giving out the best flavour. This is par excellent in quality, flavour, colour etc than Black Pepper.

This value added spice product is based on technology developed by the Central Food Technological Research Institute, (CFTRI) India. We are exporting Dehydrated Green Pepper to Europe in bulk, since last two decades, packed in 10 and 15 Kg Net corrugated carton boxes, which is repacked and distributed there. Dehydrated Green Peppercorns is used for grinding/cracking, in soup mixes and pepper mills and in meat, sausage & egg preparations. Besides other applications, Green Peppercorns in brine is used for making sauces and purees and in the food service sector.


The pungent taste and flavour of Dehydrated Green Pepper is universally liked, in meat and sausage industries. The packers sell it in small packets as well as in powder form. Beef and pork steaks become more delicious with a sprinkling of green ground pepper. Dehydrated Green Pepper gives attractive colour, flavour and aroma to all kind of soups.


PRODUCT : Dehyrated Green Pepper
BOTANICAL NAME : Piper nigrum

Product Details: Fresh raw green pepper berries is dehydrated (hot air drying), whole regular size of Green Pepper corns with max. 2% of black corns, without broken, stems and foreign materials, not mouldy.

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